Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Embarassing (hostess) moments

So as I was browsing some of my fav blogs, I ran across a giveaway here, http://theinspiredroom.net/, and you had to post your most embarassing moment as a hostess...eek! OR you could post what your reservations are for not throwing parties, etc. more often.

Here's my moment:

Dear hubby and I had invited one of his best friends from high school over for dinner with her toddler-aged son. She had been a missionary in Africa and adopted a sweet boy while there. Anyway, I didn't know her very well, but was sooo excited to be able to get to know her better and hear all about her adventures for God! I was trying to lose baby weight from our first child and had come across a recipe that sounded delicious...bow tie pasta w/ peas and red pepper sauce, or something along those lines. It smelled good, it looked fun. I thought I was doing good! We sat down at the table and I tasted it...uh oh...hmm...kinda bland! Her son didn't even want to eat it!!! She was so, so gracious and kept trying to get her baby to sit down and eat, but man-oh-man he did NOT want anything to do w/ my dinner!

Lesson learned: I will NEVER try out a new recipe for dinner guests! We still had a great time with these guests and they have even come to visit again, with much better results:)

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