Sunday, July 25, 2010

I did it!

I have thought and thought about writing a blog for a while now. I know, with 5 kids ages 7, 5, 5 (twins!), 3 and 15 mos., I probably could find something more productive to do with my time, BUT I need (want, might be a more accurate word) to get some of my thoughts more organized:) Writing has always been an outlet for me; whether keeping lists, or a diary or even writing letters to God, I can take my jumbled thoughts and make sense of them.

You see, my life does feel a bit overwhelming at times. Take right now, for example...dear, sweet hubby is almost done working a 48-hour shift. My heart swells knowing how hard he works for our family.

On the flip side, however, I am home with our 5 blessings. Well, today is Sunday and it has been a LONG time since we made it to church. Weeks. I miss it! I miss worshipping with my church family! The kids and I have been having church at home, but it is not the same. So, I made up my mind. We were going! I laid everyone's clothes out last night, had cereal bowls on the counter ready to go, the diaper bag was packed, I was prepared! I got up at 7:30, showered and got myself ready, then got up sweet baby and fed him. Phew! Doing good. It's only 8:45! (Church starts at 10) Next, got the older 4 fed and dressing themselves, then teeth were brushed and shoes found...still doing ok for time...only 9:30...wait, where's sweet baby's socks??? Somehow between finding his socks, making his bottle, getting everyone loaded and buckled in the car and driving to church we end up STILL being late!!! Oh well! God was still there when we got there:0) He ALWAYS is! Worship was awesome and I left feeling so refreshed and ready for the week. We will try again next Sunday. *Sidenote: The teacher said my (3) boys were a delight to have in class and so well-behaved! It melts my heart to hear that...

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